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Hi, I'm Lindsay, founder of "Twice As Neat," and I'm here to help you tackle those tough organizing projects that you've been dreading! Whether you need one room or a whole house full of items organized, I can help you regain your space and your highly-valued peace of mind.


A Bit About Me


I've loved organizing ever since I was little. Moving misplaced toys on the shelf in stores and putting them back in their proper places; Getting paid by my uncle to help my cousin clean out her closet; Begging my dad to let me organize the garage for him. 

I am so blessed to be an 

organizer and I am excited to get started with you on your project! 



The first step is simple: Together we'll sort through your items and choose what best suits your current needs. If it's treasure, we'll keep it! Something you used to use or love but it no longer serves a purpose, we will donate to a charity, friends or family!Anything else doesn't deserve a highly-valuable place in your home, so off it goes!

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The next step (This part is fun too, I promise!): We will figure out your organizing style and give every item a home. For example, that book collection, if you have more of an artistic style, we can organize by color. If you're more analytical, we can organize alphabetically. And if you don't mind how it looks, I'll just organize them neatly on the shelf.

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Easy enough! Now kick up your feet, sit back, and enjoy your newly organized space! And when you're ready to get back to work you can easily find your stapler, keys, hot glue gun or whatever else you were looking for.

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I'd Love to Hear From You

You're only a few clicks away from starting your journey to household freedom. Please reach out with any questions that you may have about the process.

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