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Areas Of Service

Whole Homes
Laundry Rooms
Kitchens & Pantries
Craft & Hobby Rooms
Living & Family Rooms
Children’s Rooms & Playrooms
Home & Business Offices
Mail & Paper Management
Garages & Storage Spaces

Tidy Closet

1-6 Hours 

Small to Large Closet

Small Room/Storage/Craft

Area-No Closet 90-110 s/f

Small to Medium Kitchen

No Island

Small Pantry

Laundry Room

Medium to Large Bathrooms

Laundry Sized Basket of Documents


Organized Cubicles

6-12 Hours

His & Hers Walk in Closet

Medium Room/Storage Area 120s/f+

Medium to Large Home Office

(Dependent on Paperwork)

Large Kitchen With Island

Large Walk in Pantry

organized closet

12-18+ Hours

Large Craft or Art Room

Large Storage Area or Garage 200-300s/f

Large Home Office

(Dependent on Paperwork)

orange county organizers

Things To Know


An excessive amount of clothing that needs to be folded, hung up or put into the area being organized.

An excessive amount of boxes, bags or containers that must be emptied and sorted before being organized into the space.

Large Volumes of  Paperwork

High volume of clothing, accessories or trinkets.

Extra dirty rooms or items with caked on dust, grease, dried spills, garbage, etc.

All hours are an approximation to help you decide what package will best suit your needs. Total time may vary from space-to-space and these should only be used as guide lines. Twice As Neat will not be held responsible for any variation in time from these charts.

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